5 Songs in 5 Genres: Acoustic

The first chapter of a brand new musical adventure.

The story behind this project

In the last 20 years I just did instrumental music, with some rare exceptions. I performed many times as a pianist or as a keyboard player with local bands, but never sang a word.

Lately, two events came into play: a couple of years ago I had the chance to get in touch with a chart-topping Italian singer, and I decided to go back to songwriting to give myself a chance. I invited a professional singer in my studio to record a demo, delivered it and… never had an answer.

In the same period I’ve been contacted by a YouTuber for a freelance job: he asked me to write a melody and then arrange and produce 7 tracks, all inspired from that single melody but in 7 different genres.
Recently I’ve had some experience as a freelance composer for videogames and short movies, and as a producer of stock music that have been used in advertising and promotional videos. But this was a whole new challenge and at the beginning I was overwhelmed.
After a few initial struggles I’ve found momentum and eventually completed the job, with great satisfaction from both the client and myself.

Right after that I thought: what if I write a few songs with lyrics, and apply the same process of producing them in different genres? I began writing these songs in September 2020 and finalized all versions at the end of 2022. This was the biggest project I’ve faced so far.

In 2024, due to the exciting new voice replacement tools now available, I decided to remix all the versions with an AI singer. This is the first release in which I use Audimee for replacement both of the main vocals and doubles/choir.

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